Elveden Courtyard Cafe

Today’s cafe review is Elveden Courtyard Cafe, part of the Elveden estate.  Cafe reviews are an unbiased ride to a cafe that has been recommended to us by a cyclist and give you an insight on how well they serve cyclists.

The main road into Norfolk, the A11, used to run directly through Elveden meaning it was always a place you drive through, never stopped at. Since it’s been bypassed, this has changed, and it’s now much more visitor-friendly, including cyclists.

Bike Paths

One of my favourite points of discussion…

There is a dutch style bike path that runs adjacent to the A11, which enables you to access the road Elveden is on without entering the main road. It’s been freshly Tarmac and was clean – if only all cycle paths were like this.

You then enter the old A11, which is a one-way section of road meaning it’s pretty quiet. You can ride on the path, or on the road. I opted for the latter as the path here was dirty and I didn’t want to risk any punctures. As you close onto the estate, they have now implemented my favourite type of bike path, a simple Bicycle Lane. Mini Rant – These types of lanes cater for all, why aren’t they implemented more??

The entrance to the Elveden Courtyard Cafe is clearly signposted and on a winter day, with leaves off the tree, can you sometimes catch a glimpse of Elveden Hall, owned by the Guinness family.

Elveden Courtyard Cafe

Once you enter the estate, carry straight ahead and you will see a door on the right-hand side, that is used as the entrance if you have a dog or a bike. This will take you straight into the courtyard, where the cafe can be found on your right-hand side.

Bikes can be stored anywhere within the courtyard and it’s a very secure location, so a lock isn’t really needed.


Food selection is good, nothing to complain here. You can see the current menus on the image below and there was a good selection of cake. I opted for banoffee cake and a hot chocolate – an option I often choose when I’m craving sugar.

The cake was delicious and the hot chocolate was nice.


Every cafe we visit is rated over the following 3 points.

  • Cycle Friendliness – 9/10
  • Cake – 8/10
  • Hot Chocolate – 7/10

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